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Teens/Young Adults

Teens with a child.

Leading Youth Down the Road to Success

Using dialogue, information and support, counselors and case managers help youth avoid destructive behaviors and make good decisions that will lead to responsible, productive adulthood.

Article 23 Youth Diversion Program
Distance Learning
GED Preparation
Juvenile Hearing Boards
Parenting Wisely
Sports/Recreation Leagues
Strategic Prevention Grants
Substance Abuse Prevention Coalitions
Summer Youth Employment
Teen Outreach Program (TOP)
Transition to College
Truancy Courts
Youth Responsibility
Youth Success
Wayward Disobedient Program

A Wayward/Disobedient Petition is a legal charge a parent or guardian can file against his/her child if the child is exhibiting or engaging in serious behavior that would be considered disobedient, or persistent running away from home, not following house rules and or not keeping curfew. By filing a Wayward / Disobedient Petition against their child, parents or guardians are saying that they are no longer able to manage their child’s behaviors and as a result, cannot ensure the safety of their child. Therefore, they are requesting interventions to help the family find solutions.

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