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Tri-Town Saves US Health Care System Over $7 Million Annually!

According to a recent Economic Impact Statement released by Capital Link Inc., the Tri-Town Community Action Agency Health Center provides an annual savings to the US Health Care system of over $7 million.

The study was conducted on behalf of the RI Health Center Association for all Community Health Centers in Rhode Island and focused on three impact areas: community, economy, and the tax system.  Highlights of the report include the following:

  • Tri-Town provided 23,309 medical encounters to 5,542 patients last year;
  • Over 70% of these patients have a household income under 100% of the federal poverty line, and over 95% are under 200% of federal poverty;
  • Tri-Town’s Health Center created over 40 full time jobs and supported an additional 75 jobs in related industries.  The total economic impact of these 115 jobs was $22,929,583;
  • Tri-Town’s total impact on tax revenue was over $2.9 million ($1million state/local and $2million federal)

It is important to note that these figures only include the impact of Tri-Town’s Health Center - they DO NOT include the impact of all other programs and services operated by the agency. 

The full impact of all Tri-Town programs is estimated to be significantly higher!

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