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Case Manager, Senior & Disabled Adult Services

Personal Choice Waiver Program

The Personal Choice Program provides individuals with disabilities the opportunity to receive self-directed home and community-based services using a “cash and counseling model.” This model gives participants the ability to hire and manage their own Personal Care Assistants in the home, and the option to purchase goods and services not otherwise covered under Medicaid. To be eligible, an individual must be at least 18 years old, meet financial guidelines and a clinical/medical Level of Care as determined by a Medical Provider. Case Managers/Service Advisors assess, enroll, train and assist consumers with developing and monitoring their personal care services.

Responsibilities include: Conducting assessments; Determine eligibility for program; Ensuring ongoing evaluation and re-evaluation of the Care Management Plan and the services provided within: (monitoring the Care Management Plan, at a minimum, according to prescribed time tables as dictated by DHS: DEA; visiting the client, at least twice per year, in an appropriate setting and conducting a face-to-face interview to review established goals and progress in meeting those goals; documenting progress and pertinent information in the client record and involving clinical specialists to consult on case reviews as needed; Completing Day Sheets thoroughly and accurately, reflecting information for billing purposes as well as needed for reports submitted to DHS: DEA; Providing billing summaries for all clients serviced on a monthly basis; Maintaining client records that include at least the following: (assessments, care plans, re-evaluations, consultations, discharge plans; release of confidential information documents; copies of legal documents, such as power of attorney and advance directives; fees and arrangements for reimbursement and payment; and identification of and authorization for third party payers); Ensuring confidentiality of client information and records at all times; Complying with, and be subject to, all provisions of the Rules, Regulations and Standards for Certification of Case Management Agencies, including, but not limited to utilizing current Tools and/or Forms; collecting and reporting data; and completing necessary documentation as prescribed by DHS: DEA as well as adhering to the policies/procedures of the Tri-County Community Action Agency.
Candidates must: Possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, Sociology, Gerontology, Nursing, Human Services or Related Field; Maintain Rhode Island licensure status (if currently licensed). Gerontology Certification preferred. Have at least two years of case management experience, preferably working with the elder population; Have working knowledge of the provision of health care in a variety of settings; Have knowledge of community resources, insurance and elder care delivery systems; Possess effective verbal, written and active listening communication skills; Possess knowledge of human behavior and aging; Demonstrate the ability to work with and be sensitive to various cultures; Demonstrate the ability to create and sustain trusting relationships with clients and their families. Have a working knowledge of social, health and mental health interventions. Possess skills and techniques for crisis intervention and problem solving; Able to analyze situations and make immediate decisions.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Cover letter and resume due to Tri-County Community Action Agency at apply@tricountyri.org; fax to 401-351-6611; mail to Tri-County Community Action Agency, 1126 Hartford Avenue, Suite 201, Johnston, RI 02919.
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Tri-County Community Action Agency is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer. Tri-County does not discriminate in employment practices on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, age, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or veterans’ status.

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